How To Generate Sales Leads (Do This To Get More Customers)?

Don’t go straight for the close!

The number one biggest mistake you can make in generating leads is to smush “leads” and “sales” into one single step. Do not do this!

The only time you can do this is when you’re selling a cheap item and simply taking orders (like an online store), and even then it helps to do some other steps first if you really want to be successful (like grow your email list).

In other words, unless you’re simply taking orders, have a process to create leads and a next-step process to sell to those leads.

Sales is a process of taking someone from:

1- don’t know you, don’t care about you,
2- to hey, I know who you are and what you offer,
3- to I have this problem,
4- to I understand you have the solution,
5- to I’m buying your solution

And even that is oversimplifying it!

The main thing to understand here is that the sales process is a process. If you simply stop thinking of sales as an “instant silver bullet”, and rather as a “bridge for prospects to easily move across”, you will have understood more than 99% of the planet about successful selling.

To be successful, the sales process needs to be divided up into different steps, one after the other. Each step must achieve its purpose before moving onto the next step. Each step must be easy to achieve.